Monday, 9 April 2018


Dolphins in the river as if the river were sea.
I tell them they don’t belong, they don’t
listen. This is what happens when you take
a myth in your mouth. When I was a girl
I got nosebleeds at swim meets. I never felt
so lucky as then, the water chlorine and crimson,
so many ribbons. The stories about dolphins.
They wear top hats to hide the blowhole,
the only thing that remains. Even a human dolphin
has to breathe sometimes. Even I could see
I should be banned from the race. I don’t know
why I wanted to wait all day just to be told
to sit tight. Pinch the bridge. Tell the dolphin
they belong anywhere they please. I didn’t win
but then again it felt like freedom. I waited so long
for that whistle / my skin was already dry.

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