Monday, 9 April 2018


Looking at the sea, you are 20% happier than your estimation.
In the morning the kettle is already warm.
Before daybreak there were people in your house.
You do not panic. You have been dreaming of the sea.

In the dream the sea is your little sister.
You buy the sea charms for her bracelet.
The sea swallows everything. The sea takes your change for the bus.
You are trying to escape this city before daybreak.

The guilt you feel about all of this is proportional.
You shouldn’t have killed her. Perhaps.
But who can say what’s worth it in the end?
You reach the sea before the sun peaks in the sky.

Pockets full of sharps and no containers.
When I say dream I mean it was something of a haze.
You wash the red dress in the churning shore.
The surf is pink and whispers Let me out Let me go

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