Wednesday, 18 April 2018


My body is a thing that leaks. I didn’t train it
this way. In the lesson I said hold it together
but my body heard hole. I wake with a stain
in the sheets exactly like the pool that claimed
Narcissus. What a live and shimmering thing.
I fold the stain into a perfect rectangle
and tuck it in my underwear
and all day long my own self is amplified.
When my lover arrives they tell me the stairwell
is ripe with barbecue and tropical flowers gone to rot.
I do not explain. I take my lover in my arms
and our underwear falls to the ground.
The stain spills across the floor like mercury.
Another tinfoil puddle. Our reflection is someone
beneath the surface screaming. When I pull my lover
to the edge of the lake, I am laughing.
They are not afraid. I clench my arms to push them
but they have already dived inside.

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