Tuesday, 17 April 2018


we played dress up as boys who went mad

I tried to, anyway    he was better at it than me
he was Syd in eyeliner    Syd, too, in the small

& smuggled hours    all it took was a bicycle bell
Jack Daniels    all it took was a chemical experiment

there is nothing more romantic than a brain’s
unhemmed edges    I used to think

there is a game in the soft-smudge hallucination
that remains    when the psilocybin’s gone

we played life’s cassette backwards    for a while
dredging for the delusion that would prove us real

he kept the socks on in the morning    he looked good
in madness    he wore it like a suit coat

with all the pockets sewn shut    it hung well
on his ribs but there was nowhere to keep anything

he told me it didn’t matter    & we rewound the tape
we sat tight around the player        we listened again

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