Sunday, 15 April 2018


Every once in a while you must build a fire
taller than your head. Jump in an iced lake.

Allow a man with blistered knuckles
to strap you in a rollercoaster so fast
it gapes your cheeks from your gums.

It is important, from time to time, to shock
the body—to remind it the body
is a thrumming meat sack,
a series of small boats in constant motion
on waters that do not know their own depths.

If you never throw the body off a cliff
the body will forget its relationship
to the animal inside. Bat wings
are just long boned fingers after all

(I don’t mean to scare you
but peel back the skin
and there’s a skeleton
copying your every move).

Keep this thought close by means
of wolves and trickery. Take the body
somewhere it can hear a wild carnivore howl.

This is when you’ll know
you’re really something—when every cell
of the thrumming meat sack is standing
on hind legs, full lungs out
screaming human    screaming run

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