Monday, 19 December 2016


I also have a story in Litro today! Here it is.

It's funny. Both this story and the story in Room are stories I wrote a rather long time ago, when I was living in New York. That was a strange time, when the person I liked had just broken up with me and I was having a lot of odd adventures and promiscuous sex. Living on no money because my bank card had been cloned and cancelled, but with all the free money waiting in my bank account from the writing award I'd just won.

New York in winter with a broken heart and no money is an interesting place for a young writer to be. Especially when you know it is temporary. There are a lot of bridges to walk across, and nobody thinks it's strange if you go out to bars alone. I went to a lot of bars alone. I got in plenty of trouble. I felt like a magical car crash happening again and again in slow motion, never leaning its lesson, kaboom-bang-wallop.

It's funny, because my life is very different now. Reading these stories is like reading something somebody else wrote. A girl who was running very fast at the world, flinging herself and trusting it would catch her. I don't miss having no money and a broken heart. I do miss the bridges. And I like her optimism, that girl. Her stupidity and her bruises: they suit her just fine.

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