Saturday, 26 March 2016


I'd be showing pictures from my collage career at the opening of the new space tonight! And reading a thing, no doubt. Come buy art! I'm pretty excited to be showing alongside Alex Highet, Tom Moore, Julia Rose and Damian Giambazi. Here.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Salome & Circe

This is the story of Salome and Circe, as based on these pictures in Berlin's Alte National Galerie. I do love Circe so. Such trouble. Such fun.


Friday, 11 March 2016

The Things We Do

A cautionary tale about what it's like to date straight men, now published at the fabulous Sundog Lit! 

Read it here.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

skittish skittish skittish

what’s the point in straight boys
what’s the point in no new messages
    / messages that are not gay smut messages
(I think
    my people are better than your people)
what’s the point in winter without fisting
what’s the point in light mayonnaise
what’s the point in brushing your teeth before bed if you’re going to
    eat ice cream naked
what’s the point in sheets without stains
what’s the point in plugging the blood
    (drip drip)
what’s the point in feeling like a hot crack in an infected scab
what’s so nasty about licking lips   
    that aren’t your lips for licking
what’s the trouble with stirring
what’s the plan for the weekend
what’s religious about opening hours
what’s the opposite of till death do us party
what’s this bit of soft skin doing
what are my teeth
what’s the point in resisting a sliptide
what’s better than helter skelters
I’d rather be dragged into the surf when...
what I wasn’t paying attention
what’s the problem with that

Friday, 4 March 2016

Did I mention...

...I was just named the best English-language writer in all of Berlin? It's true, it's true!

Indieberlin say:
More here!


sick as a bat hung
     from last summer’s trapeze

    & wearing a tiara in bed
it’s better like this   

    horny little weirdo
nicking hours from tomorrow’s naptime

lucid giggled twit

    the bed’s a boat so
I hoist wet flesh to the crows nest

lasso the expectorant seagull
    cough up a lump

waiting it out is like
    promising summer tomatoes

    in March
(the fruit is cold and plastic)

so I close my eyes tighter
    and pray for the glut