Tuesday, 5 January 2016


I have a story in the latest issue of Spolia! It's the Virgo issue, which is exciting. From the introduction by Jessa:

Virgo is not just the sign of nitpickers and frolicking young girls. It’s the sign of the sow goddess Ceridwen. It’s the sign of the acerbic Dorothy Parker. It’s the sign of white magic and hard work and prayer. Virgo rules Paris.
The image we ended up working from was the nun. It was the nuns who were concerned about social issues, who lived lives of clean simplicity (in comparison to the over the top garb and pomp of the priest run Catholic mass). Nuns were the mystics and the outcasts, the spinsters and weirdos, but it was a conscious choice. They made their sacrifices so they could be of service. Which is the most Virgo concept of all.

You can buy a copy here!

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