Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Last night at the Wagenplatz, all elderflower schnapps & neon rainbows,
wide eyes like webs in the dark. Still waiting for the horse-crack of summer

and when I woke, I barely believed in the sunbeam's elbow
forcing the curtain aside. Still playing at kids & astronauts,

you whispered just good friends. You let these words sink into my thighs.
Then, romantic as a slow canal, you draped your limbs round me, weeping

willows tangled in slinked algae, the punchline to the joke
about all the times we didn't kiss. I let go of the bank and let myself float

into teeth & soil & bruises. When I left the river, there were red welts
on my skin. I hiccupped. I tied a blue bandana round my leg. I promised

nothing but I took everything my fists could find. Let's get ice cream today
and lick the drips from each other's pasts. Let's leave ourselves sticky.

Make mine sesame and bubblegum and a grin for all the times we didn't kiss
when I was dancing with cowgirls, picking the reeds from between my toes.

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