Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ark Books

I've been in Køpenhavn reading at the fabulous Ark Books, a newly launched non-profit English and Danish language bookstore. They lit me a digital fireplace.

If you find yourself in the city of Danes, check them out. They live at Møllegade 10, near the cemetry where Kierkegaard is buried. Here is an adorable manifesto:
on april 1st 2014, ark books will take you by storm. we will give you the bookshop that has been missing in copenhagen. ark books will read all the books and choose the best ones for our shop for you to read. we will invite all the writers and all the translators to our shop for you to listen to. if they live in antarctica we will invite you and all your friends to skype. ark books will bring world literature to the danes and danish literature to the world citizens. our shelves will contain carefully chosen literature ranging from new to old, from narrow to wide. the shop is run by volunteers so all money made will be used to get more books, more events, more of everything good.

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