Sunday, 5 January 2014

This girl

This girl is 98% grin, teeth stacked like books on shelves, books full of stories about feet that dance the cha cha cha. This girl has got to go outside. This girl replaced all of her white blood cells with brown coffee beans and now she just can’t seem to sit still. This girl wrote a letter saying ‘hey pretty thing, I like you’ except instead of a letter it was two rows of teeth and instead of ‘I like you’ it was ‘chomp chomp chomp’.

This commitment to making sense is a slow car for a dull news day and this girl would rather steal convertibles and cackle with the wind in her hair. This girl believes in the miraculous power of hairspray, thinks that bouffant is a password and a verb.

This girl woke up wanting nice things for good people and this girl will run around in circles like a dog with a tail until finally she bumps into herself. This girl is dazzled by good fortune and hyper for electricity. This girl thinks about all the ways in which this story could have turned out and this girl realises this ending is full of sixes, that ‘this ending’ is a misnomer because all the engines are just starting to rev.

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