Monday, 6 January 2014

Dress Up

The boy’s nail varnish is still here from when we played dress-up. A nice gift for afternoon. I paint myself in bright green and purple, delighting in the unprofessionalism of my hands.

Christmas is over but I’m still basking in the gaudy of tinselled neon. The glamour of tiny bulbs. It’s over, but I’m still thrilled by kitsch. I still want everything shiny and fabulous.

I always promised myself I’d install a bar in this room, and you know what? Maybe it’s time. I’ll turn up the heating and mix myself a Mai Tai and drink until I’m sticky and spilt on the floor.

Drinks poured in coconut shells. Hooplah with palms and leis. Summoning the cute ones to climb up those stairs and play make-out with my face.

I paint my fingers and drum them on a wooden surface. Horses hooves crying hurry-up-hurry-up-hurry-up-up-up. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for. The fairylights wink, and I listen for a knock on the door.

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