Monday, 20 January 2014


Here I am, learning lessons in 2014.
I open my mouth.
Full of want, I deserve everything I get.
I tell a fable about a tiger who never stopped believing in the scritch.
I scritch.
There is a lesson in the soft spots behind people’s ears and I try to remember it but
I am distracted by teeth.
I discover tinned herring and pfeffer sauce. I rediscover frozen peas.
I realise that if I don’t write these things down no one will, goddamit,
and then where will we be in 2015? No
secrets to look back on, no
confessions, I
confess :

    I thought you all had it sorted, that
    you were all expert queers, I didn’t
    realise how many dorks were blushing
    & figuring it out. I am figuring out

with my mouth open. I am
getting what I deserve. Entitlement is a Persian cat
on a silken pillow that fills my room with purrs and I am more pleased with myself
than I have any right to be. I am so pleased with you and you and you
and you and you and
I am going to place a painted toe between my painted lips
and commit savageries
on the skin.

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