Monday, 18 November 2013

Guidelines for getting by

This is the time of the year for caramelising onions. Reek out your kitchen with a sticky pirouette of crisp white elbows turned to swooning golden sludge.

You must make chutney. Sterilise all your jars and stack the cupboards with winter sustenance, for the cold will come soon.

Next, line your insides with hot wine steeped in cinnamon and mistletoe. Line your bed jacket with fox fur and mink.

Take a new lover to your boudoir and feed her cherry brandy until the flush rises in her cheeks, until her lips are bitten and red.

Fill your desk drawers with printed letterheads for correspondence and post a pressed dandelion to whoever deserves it the most.

Get warm. Light fires in the bedrooms and cast incantations while flinging runes at one another, whilst believing in sage.

Set up all of the dates to drag you outside because outside is so many crisp things and you are not ready to hibernate yet.

Trust that this winter is going to be fabulous and filthy and bottles of red wine all wrapped up in gold.

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