Tuesday, 2 April 2013

2. Matryoshka

Let me tell you a bedtime tale, Matryoshka,
About a planet where time is a lake.
The beings take air in their lungs, Matryoshka,
They understand what is at stake.

When life becomes too full of whim, Matryoshka,
They submerge themselves in the deep.
But to duck into time is a tease, Matryoshka,
You’re mulched into destiny’s creep.

Cause and effect are not fruit, Matryoshka,
To be carelessly picked from the hedge.
If time is a lake on this world, Matryoshka,
Then what is left after the dredge?

Inside you are lives yet unled, Matryoshka,
But each one is smaller than you.
We’re not what we once could have been, Matryoshka,
We are just the things that we do.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkyM6YPIJ_I

    Thought of this song right away reading this. This poem would make a good folk song. Maybe that's exactly what you were going for. I like it either way. xx

  2. Thanks Faith! I would love it to be a folk song. Maybe I can recruit Highet and his mandolin.