Saturday, 8 December 2012


Let's take to the outside, let’s draw Mandelbrot sets with our feet in the snow.

It's cold in this flat, a bright wallop of morning and my fingers are not yet fit for keyboards, not quite there on the pirouette. I am trying by tricks and treats to get them whirling, fingerless gloves perhaps, a hot diner mug of coffee to curl around like winter stoats while waiting for the thoughts to come. Soon, I will be a sprightly, sequinned dancer with a white rabbit fur leotard and a tiara of unicorn’s teeth. Any minute now, I'll get going.

The city has been taken over by this shovel of pure white snow, and we can no longer distinguish between the streets and the sky. Try not to fall upwards (or down). Try strapping snowshoes to your feet and building an igloo in the park for the red squirrel army to bunker down. Try staying curled at home with fairylights and poinsettias and red stick candles. Try this duvet and his hands out for size.

After London, we are struck dumb by the generosity of the city. We drink Gluhwein and Amaretto from paper cups in the square; we spend the coldest days roasting in the Therme. After the Aufguss—a sweltering box wet with eucalyptus and sandalwood—we stand naked on a rooftop and douse our bodies with armfuls of snow. Everyone’s skin is billowing, like we are all laundrettes in January in Brooklyn. We are pink and happy and ripe with steam.

I am stuck halfway between cosy winter hibernation and a wild desire to run. Take to the outside, make snowmen and igloos and ride in a whirling circle on a big wheel painted with ribbons and fire.

Or bake bread and make soup, curl with notebooks and biographies and anthologies, light everything with red lightbulbs, make sure that there’s whisky to cradle.

Look: I have a bottle to spin between these options, to see which frog to press my lips against. I have a good feeling that everything is about to come up princes.

You'd better have warm gloves to slip on your paws; I think I'll drag you by the neck from this lair.

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