Wednesday, 11 January 2012

please do not cut your negatives into singles

We request that you keep your negatives in one large chunk, all the better to debilitate yourself with. None of this whittling down, please, none of the culture of bite-by-bite. We’ve watched you; we’ve seen your sort of game.

Please do not allocate favours to your weary body at the crest of a long, long day. No hot bath, no vervain and peppermint tea, no well-lit amateur pornography, no directionless piano tinkling, no rubs—foot, head, or otherwise—, no oversized beanbag cushion spilling your body to the floor.

Stand erect, sit hunched. Fight your muscles to keep your body heavy and tight. Run your tongue across the texture of your teeth until it blisters. Wage a hate campaign with the flavour of your mouth. Swear with small, bitter capers, sat in vinegar too long.

See the point where the skin on your thumb meets your nail? Feel that smug, satisfied corner of flesh? Pick it off. Peel slivers of skin until a ruby of blood forms. Chastise yourself. Pick it more.

Please do not cut your negatives into singles. Remain false; stay quiet. Get back to work.

1 comment:

  1. But what if all my singles are negative already? :( :( #allthesingleladies