Monday, 31 October 2011

my birthday: what I ate, in order of consumption

a dill pickle bloody mary; three oysters with lemon and tabasco; blue cheese; labneh; black coffee; scrambled eggs with turkish bread and green tomato salsa; coffee infused tequila; tiramisu; another dill pickle bloody mary; gin and tonic; blue cheese infused bourbon; more coffee tequila; prawn crackers; prosecco; salt & pepper squid; chicken & sweetcorn soup; sweetcorn spring rolls; frogs legs with lemongrass and chilli; sliced beef pho with coriander, beansprouts and lime; king prawns in tamarind; breton cidre; vietnamese coffee; more gin; white wine; other things, other things, limoncello... sweet chilli chicken pizza and cider, sleep.


  1. dill pickle mary? coffee tequila? glamazing.

  2. i was thinking of you janeymyjaney.... xxx