Saturday, 30 July 2011

helen love

I’m not a reviewer; I don’t know how to form the words for anything in the midst of the gamut between gack and glory. Scathing or swooning: that’s your lot.

Swooning I find more fun.

So: Helen Love. Do you know Helen Love? They are the best. Girls from Swansea singing bubblegum punk pop disco and obsessing over Joey Ramone. Yeow! Go listen.

They sound like the kind of girls who draw pixelated hearts in the squared paper of their math jotters and make mixtapes for boys with dirty hair and decorate their fingernails with tippex and pink highlighters.

They sound like the scuff-kneed offspring of a casiotone and a spaceship, drunk on espresso and cherry lambrini, dancing in a basement in the Welsh bit of New York City.

They sound like the feeling in your stomach on the loop-the-loop rollercoaster on the last day of summer, full of sherbet fountains and pink candyfloss and dolly mixtures.

Here are some choice lyrics:

He’s been under medication and heavy sedation,

Since Kula Shaker came along,

‘Cos he couldn’t believe everyone in the world,

Liked their songs


Her name is Claire, she's an office executive,

She wears white linen dresses with flair,

She lives with a policeman,

Plays squash on Thursday evenings,

She's in love with Billy Joel,

That's enough to kick her head in


See that girl lying under the bar,

She used to be a rock'n'roll star,

Smoked cigarettes with Joan Jett in America

She got her picture in Rolling Stone,

She was third from the left behind Joey Ramone,

You couldn't see her face,

But I'm sure she looked great anyway

She lives in a flat halfway up in the sky,

Goes out with her boy into the MC5s,

She'd be OK if he didn't hit her,

Or go to bed with the babysitter


Who's that boy with the ocean green eyes

In Rough Trade every Saturday,

Don't he look cute in his eighties track suit

I wish I hadn't thrown mine away


Spent all my money on a cocktail dress with matching silver shoes

And a purple souped-up travellator David Bowie used to use

We bought some drugs and we hit the road on the hottest summer day

But he left me for a singer in a disco band in a nightclub in L.A.

MIAOW! They are sunshine and music and everything you need to hear right now.

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