Monday, 2 May 2011

Things you might like to read

On that vein, some stories I have been enjoying this year:

Before My Change Jar Went Missing
by Drew Jackson.

"Wendy explains that clip joint girls aren't whores. Clip joint girls take it off for jack offs who can't touch them.

I listen, but what I don't say is this: I know."

I, excited, always say too much; this strike me as a perfect level of saying just enough.

The Man From The Circus
by Kirsty Logan.

"I stepped out for a cigarette halfway through the girl-on-the-pony show. I liked the idea of the girl-on-the-pony show, but the reality of it depressed me. I could see the gobs of glue holding on the horse's plume, and the girl had lipstick on her teeth."

I am insanely jealous of this story. I read it a lot and wish I had written it.

Dreaming In Mink by Jane Hammons

"They aren't gossiping. They are figuring it out."

Again: restraint. This is delicious.

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