Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I know you've missed me

Chez montague has been without internet this week, so although the writing of poetry continues unabated within the confines of this mac, I haven't been posting them. That means the excitement of FOUR (count-em!) poems today. Hell yes! Starting with something thoroughly miserable about love.

When he told me he didn't love me
(I can't do this, I don't love you) anymore
he asked if I had something more comfortable to wear,
if I could swaddle my heart in worn terrycloth
and feel fine. I couldn't

because my heart was the pricked shards of a wineglass stem
in his palm and because I am polyester hemlines, always
and the creak of satin. I turned

and I tucked my corners and hooked my
eyelets and folded my heels inside. I was
the coin-operated jerk at the end of the parade.

I walked home with
ratchet feet on ratchet legs,
worse than all the mornings after,
in the glare of the day.

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