Saturday, 13 February 2010

all things considered

All things considered is the mantra here, when you fling into walls and plunge into mayhem and wake up terrified to turn over, scared to see who is breathing next to you. All things considered is what we whisper to ourselves when we are standing in the registry office and when our gums bleed. All things considered, you are doing great, you are doing great, you are doing fine. In the retelling of stories, all this will be hilarious. You don't need to cry on street corners and you don't need to be told. In one week you will be back in your bedroom, staring at peachy walls, wondering how you managed to keep upright all this time. You will be full of stories and you will vow to tone it down a notch, you will chew on your experiences and make them into fairytales. You will wonder if any of this really existed and you will vow to do it all over again. You only regret the things you don't do, right?

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